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ICJA Objects to Crimes (Serious Crime Prevention Orders) Bill 2017 (NSW)

The President of the ICJ Australia, Mr John Dowd AO QC, issued a press release on 26 April 2016. “The Government should withdraw the proposed legislation enabling Serious Crime Prevention Orders to be made against individuals and corporations, as being an excessive power in the hands of the police. No case has been made out to extend such wide ranging restrictions on individuals and corporations.

Australia Breaches International Law in sending Asylum Seekers to Nauru

The International Commission of Jurists Australia has issued a Press Release in relation to the decision by the Australian Government to send Asylum Seekers back to Nauru.  “Australia is in breach of International Law in its treatment of asylum seekers in Australia by holding them in detention in Nauru and in failing to properly care for the medical needs of those asylum seekers,” said John Dowd President of International Commission of Jurists Australia.  “Australia now suffers from a significant level o

ICJA Press Release on Mandatory Sentencing - 20 May 2015

The council of the ICJ Australia resolved to condemn the increase in the use of mandatory minimum sentencing which erodes the independence of the judiciary in applying the laws set to fix penalty for crime.

The Hon Julie Bishop MP writes to ICJA on Maritime Boundary Issues in the Timor Sea

On 16 August 2014, the ICJA in collaboration with the International Law Association co-sponsored a colloquium at the University of New South Wales. The subject for discussion was "MARITIME BOUNDARIES IN THE TIMOR SEA- Applying the law to the borders of Australia, Indonesia and Timor-Leste."In December 2014, as a result of that colloquium, the President of ICJ Australia wrote to The Hon Julie Bishop MP regarding maritime boundary issues in the Timor Sea.

Re: Cobaw Decision in Victorian Court of Appeal

The ICJ Victoria has reported that the Court of Appeal decision of Christian Youth Camps Limited & Ors v Cobaw Community Health Services Limited & Ors [2014] VSCA 75 (16 April 2014) is available on the website.  The ICJ Australia's amicus submissions were effective and accepted.  Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation was proven and accepted as a breach of the legislation.The Court of Appeal's decision on the bias application against ICJ is also available on austlii: Christian Youth Camp Limited &

Crimes Legislation Crimes Legislation Amendment (Slavery, Slave-like Conditions and People Trafficking) Bill

The International Commission of Jurists, Australia drafted a submission on the Crimes Legislation Amendment (Slavery, Slave-like Conditions and People Trafficking) Bill, which is intended to remedy several legislative omissions under the current Australian legislative framework for combating people trafficking, slavery, and forced marriage. The ICJA was concerned that the bill does not fully remedy the gaps in the existing law.

Inquiry into the treatment of individuals suspected of people smuggling offences who say that they are children.

The ICJA has made a submission to the Australian Human Rights Commission in relation to the inquiry into the treatment of individuals suspected of people smuggling offfences who say that they are children.